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Serving organisations that change the world

EA Insurance Services has a rich heritage dating back to 1957 with Dr Billy Graham being invited by the Australian Evangelical Alliance (now EA Foundation) to the MCG, an event which is a pillar in Australian history. Because of this crusade over 130,000 people made commitments to the faith and many of those have influenced and held significant roles within the church and business sector. This alliance gave birth to several powerful Christian organisations including EA Insurance Services – formed in 1987.

Church Insurance

Every church is unique and has unique risks. Therefore your church insurance needs to be tailored to your particular situation.

Christian Ministries

God’s Kingdom has such a wonderful and diverse variety of Christian Ministries who are changing the world. EA provides flexible cover options to suit each organisation.

Overseas Mission and Aid

EA Insurance Services is one of the largest intermediaries to the overseas mission / aid community in Australia.

Schools Insurance

We understand Education facilities must be proactive when managing the risks associated when it comes to issues around property and people.