EA Conference Insurance

Events insurance can be expensive and hard to find, many insurers requiring that you have an annual policy rather than covering one-off events. EA however has set up a policy for Conferences to cover individual events plus the week leading up to and after the event.

How does it work?

If you are hiring a venue, the locations insurance policy will not cover you for incidents that occur from running your event. As this is the case, it is necessary to have your own insurance cover, many venues even requiring you to have your own public liability policy to cover against your third party responsibilities. EA’s Conference Policy will cover you when you are hiring a venue, for your legal liability to pay compensation for property damage or personal injury.

Covered Events

EA’s Conference Policy covers events, excluding camps, fetes, outdoor/open-air events or conferences with over 750 attendees.

If your event does not fit the above description please contact the office for advice.

Key Features

  • $20 million Public Liability
  • Cover applied for event, plus one week before and one week following the event