EA Church Hall Hire Policy

EA Insurance is pleased to be able to offer to our valued church clients a public liability insurance product that enables our valued church clients to hire their insured halls for third party social and wedding events – Hall Hire Insurance.

When it Comes to public liability cover, not all events held in your hall are covered under your public liability policy. Only events of the church and agreed events of your members may be covered under your own liability policy, however where a third party is involved in the event organisation, your policy may not extend cover.

 How does it work?

People hiring your hall are responsible for their activities at your facilities and for their attendees. If your property is damaged or someone is injured as a result of their activities at your location, it is legally their liability and not the venues (unless it can be shown the venue was negligent). Insisting hirers have public liability will ensure that there is a way to protect both the hirer and your church from financial liability.

Covered Events

EA’s Hall Hirer’s Policy is for social events only such as weddings, birthday parties and celebrations.

However EA also provides a conference policy for organisations running events.


If you are a client of EA Insurance Services and would like to offer EA’s Hall Hirer Policy to your clients please contact our office for details.

Key Features


  • $10 million Public Liability Insurance
  • Cover held in your name
  • Cover for the entire day of the event including bump in and bump out
  • Alcohol Extension available for weddings (provided alcohol is served by a person with a Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificate recognised by the state/territory).