Travel Insurance

EA Insurance Services has teamed up with our partner organisation Missions Interlink to offer an alternative to your stand alone corporate travel policices. If you are a Missions Interlink Member organisation the MI Corprorate Travel Insurance Scheme may be for you .

IThe corporate travel scheme alows you to join with other Missions Interlink members to purchase a corporate travel policy, alowing each to avoid the expensive minimum premium costs of travel cover.

Missions Interlink Corporate Travel Insurance places MI Members and Associates into a group insurance policy, providing extremely competitive prices and terrific benefits to members including:

  • Domestic and international cover
  • Insured travelers include employees, directors, and authorised volunteers together with accompanying spouses and dependent children (first 3 dependants travel free)
  • 24 hour emergency assistance
  • Cover for trips up to 180 days in duration
  • Groups travel up to 10 participants
  • Associated leisure travel included
  • Rental vehicle excess waiver

This offer is exclusive to MI Members and Associates and is covered by a leading corporate travel insurer Accident and Health International.

*This policy is subject to Terms and Conditions as described in the policy wording. Please see the PDS to check if this policy is right for you.

To enquire about joining the policy contact:

EA Insurance Services
Ph: (03) 9890 6851

To enquire about becoming a Mission Interlink Member:

Mission Interlink
Ph: (03) 9890 0700